Take a look at some of the tools we can use to understand your people and how to help them realise their potential, as individuals and teams.

The Wellbeing Indicator

There’s a reason 75% of high-performing organisations measure employee and workplace wellbeing – it has a direct effect on an organisation’s bottom line. Better wellbeing means better performance.

Our Wellbeing Indicator is our proprietary online tool that draws on a wealth of psychological research to enable individuals to understand themselves and actively improve their wellbeing.

It focuses on the seven key facets of wellbeing:

  • Meaningful purpose
  • Mindful awareness
  • Optimal performance
  • Positive emotions
  • Quality relationships
  • Regular absorption
  • Sustained vitality

Comprising 169 questions, the indicator takes around 20 minutes to complete and is normally part of our Being a Well Being Program. It provides participants with a clear understanding of the dynamic nature of wellbeing and a personalised report with practical suggestions for improving wellbeing, both at work and at home.

The Safety Quotient Tool

Effective safety management isn’t just about audits, systems and policies. It’s about people. More specifically, the research tells us it’s about personalities and personality traits – six personality traits that directly correlate to employee safety:

  • Resistance
  • Irritability
  • Distractibility
  • Impulsiveness
  • Anxiousness
  • Thrill-seeking

This 20-minute online assessment tool enables us to measure individuals’ personality risk factors and thereby identify high-risk individuals.

From recruitment through to ongoing safety management and safety culture development, companies using the Safety Quotient Tool have reduced workplace incidents by up to 20%. It provides vital, even life-saving awareness within your workforce and the insights we need to develop tailored training, one-on-one coaching and workshops that will promote safety risk management mindsets and leadership across your organisation – a safety culture that’s both effective and sustainable.

The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ-R)

Our proprietary TEQ-R diagnostic tool identifies barriers to effectiveness, so we can analyse inefficiencies and dysfunctions, but also supports the development of effectiveness and performance improvement.

The questionnaire unlocks insights across a host of key team-effectiveness dimensions, including:

  • clarity of purpose
  • cohesiveness, collaboration and communication
  • team structure and role dynamics
  • evaluation and problem solving
  • coaching and networking
  • conflict and trust
  • norms and group beliefs
  • team maturity.

The confidential questionnaire, which takes 20-30 minutes to complete, provides a detailed report for each team, which we use to facilitate team conversations and design custom workshops and interventions that deliver tangible improvements in team morale, effectiveness and performance.

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The Engagement Survey

An engaged workforce – employees who are positive, active, energetic and adaptive – translates into optimal performance at individual, team and organisational levels. Understanding how engaged your people are and, by extension, how to elevate and then maintain engagement is therefore vital.

Feeding directly into our workshops and programs, our proprietary online Engagement Survey comprises 20 questions and takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

From the survey, we generate a report and engagement score that we can use to inform the design of interventions that will improve a host of attitudinal and behavioural outputs, including:

  • focus and commitment
  • energy and resilience
  • creativity and collaboration.

The survey is one of many tools we use to inform the design and development of our engagement interventions.

Leadership 360° Survey

Leadership factors account for 70% of individual employee engagement and play a pivotal role in team and organisational performance. And yet, it’s estimated that 82% of leaders lack the capabilities to fulfil their roles, often because, as high-performing individuals, they’ve been promoted into leadership without due consideration being given to their leadership capabilities.

Our proprietary Leadership 360° tool addresses and enables you – and your leaders – to rectify this issue. It enables us to assess performance, capabilities and competency across the four key facets of effective leadership via an in-depth survey of leaders, their team members and their supervisors.

Each performance area is broken down into constituent factors – employee engagement, team cohesion and overall organisational performance – which are, in turn, linked to modules in our leadership development programs, with workshops and coaching that can be tailored to suit.

While the foundation survey can be competed within 15 minutes, it can also be tailored or extended to provide a broader, deeper insight into leadership capability. With reports sent directly to the leader on completion of the survey, the Leadership 360° tool immediately improves self-awareness and facilitates a discussion about how to expedite an individual’s development as a leader.

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