Improving organisational performance is a multi-faceted challenge.

Which is why we offer a range of training and coaching programs that we’ll tailor to suit your unique requirements. Take a look at some of our most popular programs.

Being a Well Being: Thriving at Work

Two-day program (two full days or four half-day modules)

Just as our wellbeing is affected by a wide range of factors, wellbeing influences every aspect of performance: individual performance, team performance and organisational performance. That’s why 75% of high-performing organisations monitor the wellbeing of their people.

Our two-day wellbeing program has been designed to not only assess and understand the wellbeing of your people, but actively improve it. We take participants on an individual journey that will equip them with a framework and the tools to bring about positive, sustainable change that continually improves wellbeing and, ultimately, performance.

Using our Wellbeing Indicator and a combination of action-based learning, presentations and discussion-based learning, participants will:

  • Discover effective mental models (mindsets) for wellbeing and personal mental health
  • Investigate the facets of wellbeing to cultivate optimal health
  • Understand the impediments to wellbeing and the resources needed to build wellbeing
  • Develop a suite of individual behaviours to achieve optimal wellbeing
  • Understand the impact personal work style on wellbeing
  • Reflect on their wellbeing status and create a personal wellbeing plan.

“What an enlightening workshop I now have a far greater understanding of the drivers of my own wellbeing.”

“A fascinating view of wellbeing and one that I have not seen before; but one that I now completely appreciate as relevant to my role as a departmental leader.”

“Not only do I have a plan for my own wellbeing, but I also have a plan for the staff that doesn’t involve more work.”

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