Turning thousands of great ideas into great results.

  • Client

    A mine in West Africa.

  • Problem

    Thousands of projects in the pipeline for years, with none being driven to fruition.

  • Situation

    The mine was operating inefficiently and had a number of issues. The team was working hard, generating lots of ideas for projects to improve the mine and productivity, but the mine was performing poorly.

  • Solution

    We looked at the effectiveness of the team, starting with a Team Role Assessment that immediately provided insights into the human dynamics of the team. All the individuals were ideas-people who lacked the natural capabilities and inclination to complete projects. We devised and implemented processes and systems that enabled the individuals to manage this weakness.

  • Outcome

    With the new systems in place, the project pipeline became more efficient. Projects were completed, which improved performance, all without the need for costly other solutions.