How to create a can-do culture of capability.

  • Client

    A hugely successful engineering contracting firm.

  • Problem

    Changing client expectations had a damaging impact on morale and productivity.

  • Situation

    A large mining company asked our client to go way beyond their usual remit and become an EPCM provider. The scale of the challenge created a culture of fear and people began leaving. Individuals and teams felt overwhelmed and unable to address the new business challenge.

  • Solution

    We worked with employees and leaders to shift mental models and align teams with the right skill sets to the new business opportunity. We used a range of tools and training, and facilitated conversations with individuals and teams to create awareness of the reality of the situation. We enabled people to change their thinking and appreciate the exciting opportunity to build a new business, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle the challenge.

  • Outcome

    From a culture of fear, a culture of confidence and capability emerged, enabling employees, teams and the organisation as a whole to flourish in their new venture.