The riddle of the accounts team that couldn’t issue payments.

  • Client

    A large construction materials supply company.

  • Problem

    The Accounts Payable team was making mistakes and had to repeatedly re-issue payments.

  • Situation

    Invoice payment mistakes were happening all the time – at least two corrections were required for every payment made. This was wasting time, affecting cash flow and damaging the company’s reputation. Our client had already tried training, general assessments and had even invested in new systems.

  • Solution

    We looked at the human component. We analysed the cognitive problem-solving styles of the people within the team and found that 80{be38fd1e2c946a347db4d7316b241dce4b842100e7b38236661610f0dce6def9} of the department didn’t have a thinking style that’s suited to accounts. They had effectively been recruited into the wrong role.

  • Outcome

    We solved the problem by devising desktop tools, which reduced and even eliminated mistakes. We also developed a recruitment methodology to ensure all future recruits had suitable thinking styles.