A $9m Leadership Story. The profit in changing your thinking.

  • Client

    A leading industrial fly ash company.

  • Problem

    Annual profits of just $32,000 for a company with a turnover of over $12 million.

  • Situation

    Our business diagnosis and assessment revealed that the company’s operational technology, infrastructure and personnel were all performing well. However, we found that the executive leadership group, comprising seven people, needed to lift their thinking and shift their approach to complex strategic management issues.

  • Solution

    A tailor-made leadership training and executive coaching program. We facilitated one-on-one conversations that helped each individual within the leadership group to identify their flawed thinking and discover how to achieve more, individually, collectively and as a business.

  • Outcome

    In just five years, annual profits rose from $32,000 to $9 million – that’s without any significant investment in infrastructure, just a shift in thinking at a strategic leadership level.