Enabling more disadvantaged bursary students to succeed.

  • Client

    A global accounting firm in South Africa.

  • Problem

    Just 25{be38fd1e2c946a347db4d7316b241dce4b842100e7b38236661610f0dce6def9} of disadvantaged African black bursary students were passing the national accounting exam.

  • Situation

    With workplace equality playing a central role in South Africa’s changing culture, and pass rates for the National Board Exam so low among bursary students, the accounting firm had to recruit 200-300{be38fd1e2c946a347db4d7316b241dce4b842100e7b38236661610f0dce6def9} more African black students than they actually required, just to meet their recruitment targets.

  • Solution

    We conducted research that meant we were able to identify and isolate the key capability traits that would accurately predict (five years in advance) whether a Year 11 student would pass the National Board Exam. We also developed a program of workshops and interventions to support black students and equip them with the emotional capabilities to thrive in their new lives at university.

  • Outcome

    In six years, we improved the pass rate for African black bursary students taking the National Board Exam from 25{be38fd1e2c946a347db4d7316b241dce4b842100e7b38236661610f0dce6def9} to almost 80{be38fd1e2c946a347db4d7316b241dce4b842100e7b38236661610f0dce6def9}.