Building employee wellbeing, globally

People are similar to most other assets in an organisation, in that they require energy to function well. When staff are feeling their best, they can deliver their best work. Employee wellbeing has always been important to forward-thinking organisations, however staff wellness has now become a strategic imperative, globally.

Kaya has been researching, measuring and improving employee wellbeing since 2014. Our programs, developed by organisational psychologists, are proven to improve staff wellbeing.


Accessing wellbeing expertise, locally

We can measure wellbeing online. We know our programs work and that 98% of participants would recommend them to colleagues. We accredit Business Partners globally in our wellbeing tools so that organisations have access to best practice wellbeing solutions, wherever they are.

As human beings, we have so many things in common, yet some that make us unique. Wellbeing is similar. Two people experiencing optimal wellbeing will have shared elements, yet their lives may look very different. For example, valuing physical fitness could look like marathon running or yoga. Developed from research, the Kaya model contains the shared elements that contribute to wellbeing. How an  individual puts those into practice will be influenced by their personal preferences, community and culture.

Collectively our 22 Business Partners span three continents and speak eleven languages. The diversity of our Business Partners provides access to wellbeing expertise, delivered by experienced facilitators and coaches, who also understand your people.

Meet our Business Partners

South Africa

Karina Reid

Business Partner South Africa

Ryk Croukamp

Indigo Skye

Rika Tome

Business Partner South Africa

Nkateko Ndala-Magoro

Pretoria Psychologists

Errol Pillay

GIC Impact

Lourens Janse van Rensburg

Caladrius Consulting

Madelein Pretorius

Moving Minds

Marina Pretorius

Pete Williams


Lize Kloppers

Strategic Mobility

Ansome Louw

ANL Consulting

Anso van der Westhuizen

Kaya Consulting

Zaheera Laher

Kaya Consulting

Kristin Liss


Lindiwe Msiza

Transform Leadership Consulting

Gorette Doria

New Zealand

Colette Cavaleros

Work In Flow

North America

Jill Knocke

Culture Innovations

Nancy Benthien

Business Partner North America


Gill Skeer

The Change Agent

Joyce Lewis-Affleck

Eudaimonia Consulting

What next?

Have you looked at our wellbeing programs? Have you read about the sustained changes we’ve made to employee wellbeing? If you’d like to support the health and wellbeing of your staff, but are unsure of the best option, we can help.