Your people define your culture, and your culture defines your organisation and success.

That’s what makes your organisation unique. Ours too. So, before we discover what makes your people tick – and how to make them tick more effectively – discover what makes our organisation tick.

Our expertise

We’re not your average management consultants. We’re not your average human resource consultants. We’re organisational psychologists. We use the science of human behaviour to create healthy, productive workplaces.

As registered professionals, our clients can verify our credentials, giving them certainty in our expertise, experience and ethical standards.

Imagine a workplace where people wanted to come and produce their best work, every day. We call that ‘unlocking the potential in your people’ – that is what we do.

Meet our people

Our core team of organisational psychologists have 80 years of collective experience in this profession. We’ve seen it all. Often many times before, because human nature is stable across countries, industries and people. This allows us to get to the heart of an issue more quickly.

Because we share what we’ve learnt about what works and what doesn’t, our solutions are efficient and work in the real world, saving time and money.

This is important for us, because as an employee-owned company, we’re each personally invested in helping our clients succeed.

Beyond our core team sit our Wellbeing Business Partners. At Kaya, we believe optimal wellbeing is the foundation of performance. It’s hard to deliver your full potential if you’re running on empty. To reach as many people as possible, we’ve carefully selected like-valued professionals across three continents, who are fully accredited to deliver Kaya’s evidence-based wellbeing resources.

South Africa

Heidi van Schalkwyk

Organisational Psychologist & Managing Partner

Yolanda de Beer

Organisational Psychologist & Partner

Zaheera Laher

Associate Consultant

Anso van der Westhuizen

Associate Consultant

New Zealand

Lianne Sipsma

Organisational Psychologist & Managing Partner Global

Jan Sipsma

Founder, Non-Executive Chairman


Lorraine Moolman

Organisational Psychologist & Manager

Lisa Vandertogt

Organisational Psychologist

Gillian Skeer

Associate Consultant

Joyce Lewis-Affleck

Associate Consultant

Interested in what we can do for your team?

You’ve heard all about our people, now what about yours? If you’re interested in how to unlock the potential that already exists in your people, get in contact. We’d love to talk to you.