Your people define your culture, and your culture defines your organisation and success.

That’s what makes your organisation unique. Ours too. So, before we discover what makes your people tick – and how to make them tick more effectively – discover what makes our organisation tick.

The reason Kaya looks and feels different

Kaya is unique, in part because of our methodology, which draws on over 150 years of research into organisational and individual potential and performance, but also because our philosophy is based on the principle that no two organisations are the same.

This idea of taking a unique journey together – and of taking joint ownership of the journey – sets us apart. We don’t assume we have all the answers. Instead, we share our wisdom and work with you – and your wisdom – to design and deliver solutions that work for you and your organisation.

It’s also why our consultancy feels different. Because our people are all leaders, growing and evolving with our clients. Because we’re all invested in what we do – literally, through Kaya’s pathway to ownership. And because we’re aligned in our thinking and goals, with a shared set of values:

  • Faithful

    We’re in it for the long haul, on your team, all the way.

  • Patient

    This is your journey – we are simply your guests and guides, and we understand how long profound transformation takes.

  • Knowledgeable

    We know our stuff and we’ll share as much (or as little) wisdom as you need.

  • Serious

    About everything we do for you (but we don’t take ourselves too seriously).

  • Honest

    Who you see is who you get, and if we can’t help you, we’ll tell you (but only once we’ve explored what you truly need).

Meet our people

We’re all experts in our respective fields, from the organisational psychologists in our team, to the leadership and strategy specialists, to the engineers. And together, our expertise spans practically every sector. But we all share a common passion.

We’re all passionate about our science and applying it in a skilful, even artistic way. We’re all fascinated by human nature. You should be too – understanding it is the key to unlocking the potential in your people and, therefore, your organisation.

South Africa

Heidi van Schalkwyk

Managing Partner South Africa

Yolanda de Beer


Zaheera Laher

Associate Consultant

Anso van der Westhuizen

Associate Consultant

New Zealand

Lianne Sipsma

Managing Partner Global

Jan Sipsma

Founder, Non-Executive Chairman


Lisa Vandertogt

Principal Consultant

Lorraine Moolman


Gillian Skeer

Associate Consultant

Joyce Lewis-Affleck

Associate Consultant

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