Our philosophies and methodologies are founded in the science of organisational psychology.

We don’t believe we’re here to ‘fix’ your people. We’re here to give them the insights and support they need to unlock, nurture and harness their potential – individually, as teams, and as an organisation.

The foundation of our solutions

Humans are complex. Unlocking human potential is therefore a complex process. But while the solutions we design and deliver are multifaceted, our methodology is based on four key principles:

  • No two people or organisations are the same.

    Which is why we tailor our teams and solutions to suit you and your strategic goals – efficiently, cost effectively and sustainably.

  • We all have capability and potential.

    Often, they’re unrealised, but we all have strengths to leverage, just as we all have weaknesses we need to manage.

  • Beliefs dictate behaviours and performance.

    The most effective way to change the way people behave – and perform – is to change the way they think. Their mental models.

  • Individual leadership, strategy and cultural development are inextricably linked.

    You can’t change the one without the other. The only way to make real sustainable change is to focus on all three and the glue that connects them – your people.  

It’s our job at Kaya to help each client unleash the potential in their people, teams and organisation.

By drawing on multiple years of research – our research and the research of others – we tap into personal motivators. We remove psychological barriers. We equip your individuals and teams with the awareness, behaviours, coaching, training and discipline they need to thrive.

What are mental models?

Mental models are our mindsets. They’re the way we think – about ourselves, our relationships, human nature, the nature of our work, all the beliefs and perception that predispose us to either excel or struggle to fulfil our potential.

Got a question?

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