Organisations from practically every industry sector the world over come to us because they are underperforming.

Because their teams aren’t operating effectively. Because they struggle to execute their strategy. Because their people aren’t fulfilling their potential. Because poor morale or a malfunctioning culture is affecting efficiency. And because our methodology works.

How we unleash potential and optimise performance

It isn’t about ‘fixing’ people, or even imposing change. It’s about increasing consciousness and improving capabilities so people can fulfil their potential and perform at their best – as individuals, as teams, as an organisation.

It’s about enabling team members to explore, develop and align their mental models through a range of interactions, conversations and carefully calibrated, individually tailored interventions:

  • Team and individual coaching
  • Focused training workshops
  • Team effectiveness interventions
  • Leadership development programs
  • Online learning resources

In this way, we shift perceptions and remove psychological barriers, providing the practical, structural, emotional and intellectual support and tools people need to realise their potential and, in the process, creating a workforce that’s strategically and culturally aligned.

The Super Memo principle

Our proven methodology is based on the Super Memo principle that learning is enhanced through regular, timed exposure and re-exposure to newly learnt concepts. We achieve this through blended learning methods, including pre- and post-course work, all of which are available online.

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How do we create sustainable organisational change?

We employ a host of tools and technologies to deliver tangible, sustainable improvements in individual performance and organisational effectiveness. However, it’s our methodology that defines and differentiates our approach. It’s a fluid methodology, enabling us to craft unique solutions to unique challenges, but it’s also a clearly defined, step-by-step roadmap to success that breaks down into five key stages.

How do we determine effectiveness and success?

Human change and development is a complex process, so we use a range of validated tools to determine and verify the improvements and value our work delivers:

  • Follow-up 360° interviews
  • Post-coaching evaluations and assessments
  • Proprietary surveys
  • Current and past performance reviews
  • Psychometric evaluation and information
  • Organisational culture and engagement surveys

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